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Icom BC-35 manual

Icom BC-35 manual download

Name of device: Icom BC-35
Manufacturer: Icom
File size: 1005 KB
Document type: User guide, user manual


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Icom BC-35

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(By Sirijus at 2011-02-03, 06:19)
ICOM Replaces original ICOM BP-3 Ni-Cd battery. Offers TRIPLE the run time! Charges w/ original wall charger in 16 hrs. Charges w/ ICOM BC-35 in 16 hrs; Charges w/ EMS ...
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(By Voloth at 2010-09-30, 16:47)
ICOM Information Index Icom IC-W32AT / ET handheld service manual 10.8 MB PDF Icom BC-35 desktop battery charger manual with schematic 763 KB PDF file Another scan of the same manual, a little ...
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(By 2k7demonRitsu at 2011-03-07, 04:47)
Icom CM-35 ( BC-35 ) Rapid Charger I have an Icom CM-35 rapid charger that works with the IC-2A, IC-3A, IC-4A series of hand held radios. This is the commercial version of the BC-35. Asking $25 plus ...
Rating: 6  
(By matrix at 2010-09-30, 13:26)
ICOM BC-35 Desk charger Philippines - 2171299 ICOM BC-35 Desk charger ICOM BC35 desk charger - Radio and Walkie Talkie Antipolo City Rizal icom, ICOM BC 35, desk charger, antipolo, icom desk charger, bc 35, icom bc ...
Rating: 9  
(By bblastersd at 2010-10-20, 09:49)
eHam.net Classifieds Icom CM-35 ( BC-35 ) Rapid Charger Classified ad for Icom CM-35 ( BC-35 ) Rapid Charger. - eHam.net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).
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(By zlati at 2010-11-06, 13:25)
mods.dk – manuals This is the manuals page for Icom. In this page you find schematic, users and ... BC-35 Schematic.pdf: 75 Kbytes: BC-36 Schematic.pdf: 85 Kbytes: BC-72 Instruction manual.zip
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(By SleepWalker at 2010-08-24, 10:16)
ICOM - Accesories: Battery Chargers user manual, operation ... ICOM - Accesories: Battery Chargers ... BC-35: User/Owners/Instruction Manual: 10: BC119: User/Owners/Instruction Manual
Rating: 7  
(By middeneast at 2010-12-28, 16:05)
Extensive list of Icom and Kenwood items -- battery, charger ... Extensive list of Kenwood and Icom items For Sale: Icom items For Sale: Icom BC-35 desk charger The BC-35 will fast charge the BP-2, BP-5, BP-7, and BP-8 battery ...
Rating: 1  
(By GratiSS at 2010-10-28, 06:33)
IC-8 BATTERY FOR ICOM & DELCOM RADIOS from Aircraft Spruce ... inside (recharges battery cells at 120mA rate with your existing Wall Transformer). The IC-8 can also be placed in a desktop charger, such as the ICOM BC-35, for ...
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(By AmericnaPie at 2010-08-13, 15:08)
Icom Icom BC-30_SCHEMATIC CDC-1357 . Icom BC-35_SCHEMATIC CDC-1357 . Icom BC-36_SCHEMATIC CDC-1357 . Icom BC137 Option Operating Guide User Instruction Manual CDC-2365
Rating: 9  
(By Deluxe91 at 2011-01-05, 03:00)
htx202ba ... 202 is compatible with Icom battery packs for the: old IC-2AT. Some of these packs are available at a higher voltage, and can: be rapid-charged from the Icom BC-35 ...
Rating: 7  
(By MinJong at 2010-08-11, 08:09)
Ham Radio Specials Re-charges in a desktop drop-in charger (such as EMS-20i, or the ICOM BC-35 & BC-30), OR you can plug your existing wall charger into the side of pack for an ...
Rating: 8  
(By Astaras at 2010-10-26, 01:50)
www.wells.com ICOM BC-35 OR CLONE CHARGER. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! DESIGN FLAW: Some early production (S/N 2500 and down) radios had the. NiCad Zener Diode located too close to the ...
Rating: 10  
(By Ravage at 2010-06-24, 03:09)
Radio Amateur Club of Knoxville W4BBB: Radio Gear for Sale Icom IC-290A all mode tranceiver no box Astrons RS-12a Icom BC-35 AC battery charger Icom IC-2at Handheld 2 each Icom IC-BP8 Battery pack 3 each
Rating: 1  
(By Luciano90 at 2011-04-04, 17:54)
KENWOOD TR-9130 2M ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER (TKS TO: DV9DOT (DODOT ... ICOM BC-35 AC battery charger DIAMOND SX-200 swr/power meter DIAMOND CP-22E omni antenna (2pcs) MOTOROLA PMLN4069A rapid charger Other Interests
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(By jefshandler at 2010-06-27, 00:48)
cq Product 3 icom ah-7000 super wideband antenna: icom bc-35 / bc-36 battery charger: icom bc-35 in japanese: icom bc-72: icom board layout ic-r70: icom cm-60a: icom computer interfacing ...
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(By rytek at 2010-07-26, 15:11)
Rebuilding Your Own Battery Packs I've used an iCOM BC-35 desk charger for years and years and it has never caused a battery pack failure due to over-charging or under-charging.
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(By epi1022 at 2011-02-20, 03:42)
Radio Shack The IC-8 can also be placed in a desktop charger, such as the ICOM BC-35, for slow charging of the Ni-Cd / Ni-MH battery cells. Exceptional capability at a value ...
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(By mark.w at 2011-03-17, 12:26)
Monitor June2002 ... Kenwood TM-421A 440MHz FM Tranceiver • Kenwood PC-2A Phone Patch Controller • Kenwood SW-200 SWR and Power Meter • Icom IC-02AT VHF FM Transceiver • Icom BC-35 AC ...

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