Kenwood TS-430S

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Kenwood TS-430S manual

Kenwood TS-430S manual download

Name of device: Kenwood TS-430S
Manufacturer: Kenwood
File size: 2.2 MB
Document type: User guide, user manual


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Kenwood TS-430S For Sale

Rating: 1  
(By Lothrik at 2010-06-20, 04:48)
Kenwood TS-430s HF Transceiver For Sale - Ham Radio Ham Radio Transceiver Manual and Specification ... Kenwood TS-430s HF Transceiver For Sale. This is a used Kenwood TS-430s HF Transceiver in excellent conditions.
Rating: 3  
(By phosfoh at 2010-12-26, 16:39)
FOR SALE: KENWOOD TS 430s FOR SALE: KENWOOD TS 430s. Category: THF From: w5wec Email: Phone: 870-886-1360 Date: 06/12/06. Message. FOR SALE: Kenwood TS 430s with SSB filter & FM ...
Rating: 0  
(By Mister at 2010-12-04, 01:52)
K6VDP Amateur Radio Equipment Sale Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver $375. The Kenwood TS-430S HF Transmitter covers 160 through 10 ... This equipment is for sale by Larry Beilin - K6VDP, longtime member of the ...
Rating: 0  
(By diongm at 2010-10-07, 11:34)
Kenwood TS-430S Product Reviews Description: Kenwood TS-430S all Mode ,all Band HF transciever ... purchased for a small price, a very sad looking TS-430s from a ham at the coast. It had been for sale ...
Rating: 9  
(By orgix at 2010-10-01, 14:48) Classifieds For Sale Kenwood TS-430S W. mic/pwr crd Classified ad for For Sale Kenwood TS-430S W. mic/pwr crd. - is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).
Rating: 2  
(By Zhenarius at 2010-09-19, 16:06)
Kenwood For Sale @ Kenwood For Sale. Find best deals on Kenwood for sale. Buy used Kenwood at low prices. Save 30-50% on Kenwood for sale.
Rating: 0  
(By calen at 2010-10-04, 08:31)
Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver I am auctioning some estate sale items over the next few weeks. Here is a Kenwood HF radio, the TS-430S. I have thouroghly
Rating: 9  
(By j4r0| at 2011-03-08, 20:50)
Kenwood For Sale @ - Part 3 brand: kenwood model: ts-430s you are bidding on a very used kenwood transceiver radio hf unit just as shown in pictures this unit is in good working condition this item ...
Rating: 9  
(By Rado at 2011-01-02, 12:31)
KENWOOD TS-430S for sale - - New Zealand Trade Me is New Zealand's leading shopping website, with thousands of online auctions and classifieds. Buy and sell online at!

Kenwood TS-430S Mods

Rating: 7  
(By Orzechccc at 2010-11-21, 02:25)
Modifications for the Kenwood TS-430 Mods for the kenwood TS430S for amtor The mods are as follows:-On the I.F.board change C ... Kenwood TS-430S, no display, no RX/TX with certain modes. I recently acquired a ...
Rating: 0  
(By Rihvo at 2011-01-13, 06:33)
Kenwood TS-430 Modifications TS-430 Mods (1989) The TS-430S is a fine little solid-state HF transceiver which was discontinued by Kenwood a couple of years ago. This mobile or fixed station set has ...
Rating: 2  
(By qwertty at 2010-12-26, 04:04) - Modifications for radioamateur Kenwood TS-430S, no display, no RX/TX with certain modes: 19-07-1998: Kenwood ts-430 AGC mod: 19-07-1998: Transmit enable for mars/cap frq for the TS-430S
Rating: 3  
(By kikukay at 2011-03-25, 02:46)
Kenwood TS-430S mods : resource detail common faults and modifications for the kenwood ts 430 s under Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers, at Kenwood TS-430S mods resource page at ham radio guide
Rating: 6  
(By Ishimaru at 2011-02-23, 03:22)
Kenwood TS-430S (TS 430 S TS430S) mods reviews software and diagrams Kenwood TS-430S (TS 430 S TS430S) Programming interface schematics for Kenwood : Programming software for Kenwood TS-430S (TS 430 S TS430S) : PDF User Manual for Kenwood ...
Rating: 6  
(By dragonlee at 2011-02-09, 20:08)
Kenwood TS-430S Info. Trio / Kenwood TS-430S information. ... to crush or cut any diodes or resistors; and some of the suggested mods ...
Rating: 1  
(By bogdy15 at 2010-08-16, 18:02)
Modifications for the Kenwood TS-430 Some operators have indicated a desire to have their TS-430S noise blanker operate similar to the noise blankers in the TS-120S/130S series. By performing the ...
Rating: 8  
(By aggelosgr at 2010-11-06, 20:37)
kenwood Kenwood 'TS' Mods: MODEL SIZE DOWNLOAD MODEL SIZE DOWNLOAD; 140STX Mod.988 149stx.mod 440SDTON Mod 1.460
Rating: 4  
(By jurij at 2010-07-18, 20:22)
DXZone / kenwood mods Radio Equipment: HF Transceivers. Kenwood TS-430S mods - Common faults, and modifications for the kenwood TS-430 S
Rating: 8  
(By edses at 2011-02-16, 15:46)
Kenwood TS-430s Mars Mod Copy Vintage Amateur Radio & Surplus Electronic Gear

Kenwood TS-430S Hf Transceiver

Rating: 6  
(By aj007 at 2010-09-13, 14:58)
Kenwood TS-430S, Kenwood ts-430 Transceiver TS430 Kenwood TS-430S Amateur Transceiver ... Discontinued Amateur HF Transceivers : Features | Accessories | View ...
Rating: 2  
(By xfile2007 at 2010-11-24, 10:23)
RigPix Database - Kenwood/Trio - TS-430S Type: Amateur HF transceiver: Frequency range: TX: 10-160 m + WARC RX: 0.150-30 MHz: Mode: AM/FM/SSB/CW: RF Power output: 100 W: Receiver system: N/A: Sensitivity:
Rating: 5  
(By proki at 2010-10-28, 08:17)
Kenwood TS-430S Product Reviews Kenwood TS-430S product reviews by real people like you. ... liked both radios, but ended up using the TS-430S for HF ... Nice transceiver with easy interface and no menus.
Rating: 3  
(By tga123 at 2011-01-29, 19:55)
kenwood hf transceiver | eBay Kenwood TS-430S HF transceiver ... This page was last updated: Apr-10 07:40. FINDING_TREATMENT_36 ...
Rating: 9  
(By s1m at 2011-02-23, 03:09)
Kenwood TS-430S HF Transceiver | eBay Bidding has ended on this item. You can find more items just like it below.
Rating: 10  
(By Rocko at 2010-11-19, 20:22)
Kenwood TS-430 Modifications The TS-430S is a fine little solid-state HF transceiver which was discontinued by Kenwood a couple of years ago. This mobile or fixed station set has two VFOs and eight ...

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